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The Eco Evolvers Subscription - A Six Month Journey ($48/month)


A six month journey to evolve into an eco-friendly routine! We ship you one box each month with a different bundle of eco-conscious goods. What do you get for just $48/month?

Month 1: Your Laundry

  • Laundry detergent sheets, wool dryer balls, stain remover bar, essential oil

Month 2: Your Kitchen

  • Compostable sponge, pot scrubber, Swedish dish cloth, dish brush, pot scraper, dish soap

Month 3: Clean House

  • Reusable "paper" towels, all purpose cleaner tablets, spray bottle

Month 4: Your Shower

  • Soap, conditioner bar, shampoo bar, soap lift, soap saver

Month 5: Your Mouth

  • Bamboo toothbrush, tooth tablets, floss, travel toothbrush

Month 6: Clean Body

  • Reusable q tips, deodorant, lotion bar, lip balm, nail brush

More info:

Hey! This is Brad, the Eco Dude and owner of Eco Evolution. I was reflecting on how I started this journey after watching a film about plastic pollution. I felt like I needed to make some changes in my own life so I ended up going through my house, room by room, with my kids and looking at all the products that we used. I’d dump out drawers, sort through our trash, and look for ways we could become a bit more eco-friendly. The biggest thing I learned was that the best way to start was one drawer at a time

So now I’m inviting you to join us. If you’ve been wanting to transition to a more eco-conscious lifestyle but have felt overwhelmed by where to start, we created a program just for you. It is the Eco-Evolvers subscription program where each month we’ll send you a box of “Eco-Dude Approved” products that you can swap out through your home. We want this to be fun, accessible and maybe a little educational.

So let’s start with just one drawer, one room, and bit by bit do something awesome for Mama Earth. Join the movement, become an Eco-Evolver!