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Tikos Sunglasses Made from Ocean Plastic


What if your sunglasses loved the ocean as much as you do? Introducing Tikós Sunnies -crafted for the ocean lovers and planet savers, Tikós Sunglasses are made with 100% recycled ocean plastic frames and polarized lenses - an amalgamation of style, sustainability, and love for our planet. 15% of profits support our ocean and marine life nonprofit partners.

The everlasting problem of plastic in our oceans, seashores, and lands continues to grow. Plastic, unfortunately, does not biodegrade naturally, meaning every piece of plastic ever made is still somewhere in our environment. Tikós Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they are also a call to action. They're a wearable reminder to reduce your daily plastic usage, thereby protecting our oceans.

PRODUCT FEATURES: - 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic Frames - Polarized, Scratch Resistant & Mirrored Lenses - Super Light Weight - Patented Screw-less Construction - Flexible and Durable Frames - Medium Frame Width

LENS SPECIFICATIONS: -Polarized - 100% UV Protection (UVA/B, UV380/400) - Pass the FDA Basic Impact Test - Category 3 - Pink Mirrored, Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 13.19%