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Eco Bathroom

Take the toxins and plastic out of your bathroom experience. Protect the planet while you primp.
Eco Bathroom


All natural soap bars, handmade, Connecticut, small batch
Shampoo Bar Naples Soap Company Cleanse and hydrate your hair with our low-waste shampoo bar. Natural ingredients cocoa butter and coconut oil, pH balanced for all hair types
1 in stock
Loofah Soap - Eco Evolution
Natural Deodorant
Bamboo Toothbrush - Eco Evolution
Exfoliating Soap Bag - Natural
Conditioner Bar
All Natural Toothpaste Tablets 7 day Supply, Naturally Cleaning and whitening Teeth, Fresh Breath, preservative free, compostable package
Natural Tooth Tablets - Natural Teeth Cleaning
Conditioner Bar For all hair types. Essential oils, haircare, tangle-free. Cruelty Free Non toxic Ingredients Eco-friendly & recyclable by Bamboo Switch
Bamboo Cotton Ear Buds
Konjac Sponge
Shampoo Bar Sea Kelp, organic ingredients, plant based, eco-friendly
2 in stock
Toilet Bomb Cleaning Tabs - 10 tabs per bag - Eco Evolution
Organic All Natural Bamboo Vegan Floss, natural dental hygiene, teeth whitening, bathroom, compostable, plastic free, BPA Free, Reusable Glass Jar
Artisan Sea Salt Soap Bar
Sold Out
Milly & Sissy Hand Wash - Eco Evolution
Green Jade All Natural Facial Roller with Bamboo Handle, facial massager to Reduce Puffiness, Tone and Firm Skin Cells, and Stimulate Collagen Production
Facial Roller
From $21.00
Plastic-Free Hair Ties
4 in stock
Solid Lotion - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Cup - Eco Evolution
Sisal Bristles is naturally 100% compostable non toxic. skin cells clean and rejuvenate natural product by Bamboo Switch
4 in stock
Organic All Natural Bamboo Vegan Floss Charcoal, natural dental hygiene, teeth whitening, bathroom, compostable, plastic free, BPA Free, Reusable Glass Jar
Kids Bamboo Toothbrush
natural deodorant citrus compostable
2 in stock
Natural Silk Floss Refill Pack
Bamboo Switch Reusable Ear Buds, bamboo handle and silicone tips,  sustainable and compostable product
Natural teeth whitener
2 in stock
Moon Pads: Light
1 in stock
Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper natural ayurvedic dental Hygiene anti-bacterial
2 in stock
Toothbrush Travel Bags (Assorted Patterns) - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Panty Liners 25 ct - Eco Evolution
Bamboo & Stainless Steel Safety Razor curved handle, traditional shaving, Steel Blades, close shave, ergonomic, Durable, sustainable by Bamboo Switch
2 in stock
Hamsa Hand Sugar Scrub Bar
4 in stock
SKIN REPAIR organic Calendula Healing Salve for Eczema, Irritated dry skin/ rashes/chaffing, Scratches and cuts, Bug bites, Diaper rash or chafing, Sun burn, vitamin E, anti-bacterial
Conditioner Bar - Cassia Organics - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
161 results