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Eco Home Decor

An eco home is a good home.
Eco Home Decor


Silver Blue Handwoven Basket made in Rwanda - Small basket, tabletop, desk, counter, wall space decor, fair trade, bookshelf, home office, jewelry holder, catch-all, wall art, home
1 in stock
Hand Woven Basket made in Rwanda- Fair trade, sunburst pattern, hope design, Rwandan flag, coffee table, fruit bowl, center piece, wall hanging decor, home
2 in stock
Petite Wood Bowl -Natural Wood - Eco Evolution
Sold Out
Petite Wood Bowl - White Washed - Eco Evolution
3 in stock
Large Wood Tray - Eco Evolution
WildBloom Skincare, calming room spray, lavender and orange oils, reduce stress
Upcycled Circuit Board Coasters
Sold Out
bicycle picture frame
Sold Out
Natural Striped Cork and Canvas Basket/Bin - Cork, canvas, storage for dog toys, blankets, bones, all natural cotton, stripes, eco-friendly, water resistant, sustainable, leather alternative, pets
Save 58%
Every Little Thing - Vintage Dictionary Wall Art - Eco Evolution
One-For One Tree Kit - Blue Spruce - Eco Evolution
One-For One Tree Kit - American Sycamore - Eco Evolution
One-For One Tree Kit - Loblolly Pine - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
Wooden Sound System - Eco Evolution
Mermaid Art Print - brown skin mermaid, art piece, decor, bedroom, kid's room, children's room, wall art, afro mermaid, black mermaid
Hygge Day 1000 pc puzzle 100% recycled board & printed with non-toxic inks - Eco Evolution
Sold Out
Casserole Dish Kaisa Basket - Eco Evolution
Sold Out
Sustainable Handmade Paper - Eco Evolution
Save 55%
Textured Tray - Eco Evolution
Save 28%
Textured Tray
$18.00 $25.00
Gandhi Ornament - Eco Evolution
Sold Out
Gandhi Ornament
$9.00 $22.00
Rose Wood Ornament - Alder wood ornament, 100% Real Wood Window Ornament, Vegan Faux Suede for Hanging, home decor, holiday decor, eco friendly
Stars Align Ceramic Ornament - Eco Evolution
1 in stock
Artsy Snowflake Ornament - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
Peppermint Eco Freshener handmade Hanging Ornament to decorate home or holiday tree, wreath, festive candy cane look eco friendly , cruelty free wool reusable sustainable Fair Trade
Christmas Tree Ornament handmade felt hanging decoration for holiday tree, fair trade
2 in stock
Guatemalan Worry Dolls - 10 small dolls in a small bag,  help with all your daily troubles, anxiety relief, eco friendly, mental health
Standing Chakra Buddha Burner - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
Incense Sticks 10 count, traditional Indian recipe using a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils. Non-toxic, natural, easy clean-up
Macrame Owl Ornament - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
Macrame Wreath Ornament - Eco Evolution
Save 50%
Om Chime made from a Recycled Metal - Eco Evolution
1 in stock
Tea Light Holders - Zen Pattern - Eco Evolution
3 in stock
Teak Bowl - Eco Evolution
1 in stock
Weaved and Macreme Wall Hanging - Eco Evolution
Save 39%
1 in stock
FREEFORM THROW - Eco Evolution
1 in stock
60 results