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Organic Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bags


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Ditch single-use sandwich baggies by swapping to reusable snack/sandwich bags. These bags feature a food safe, water resistant lining that has been tested for over 300 washes in the laundry, no exposed seams, and a fold-over top to keep items inside. Bags are handmade from consciously obtained fabrics and are sewn in very small batch, limited runs. Though called "snack/sandwich bags" these little treasures have countless uses. Some include: food for school, work, hiking, travel, or even in the fridge at home, pet treats, makeup bag, a mini wet bag, purse organization, small toiletries when traveling (especially wet soap), essentially any time someone would use a single-use sandwich bag.

DETAILS: measure approx. 6" wide x 7" tall, laundry safe (wash inside out and air dry), made from fabrics sourced responsibly and with the planet in mind. Lining is organic cotton with a food safe PUL coating.