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Eco Kitchen

All Natural, Non Toxic, Compostable products from your awesome kitchen.
Eco Kitchen


The Eco Dude Blend- Solar Roasted Coffee - All African coffee beans, Kenya coffee beans, Ethiopia coffee beans, fair trade, organic, medium roast, Locally roasted using solar power
2 in stock
SoNo Blend - dark roast, Sustainably-sourced beans, locally roasted with solar power energy, biodegradable bags, South Norwalk, CT, Connecticut
Swedish Dishcloths - wet-it! - Eco Evolution
Swedish Dishcloths - Three BlueBirds - Eco Evolution
Eco-Friendly, extremely absorbent kitchen dishcloth, Swedish dishcloth, quick-dry, vegan, compostable, dishwasher safe, womxn and minority-owned, rainbow, pride
tea towels, dish towels, dish cloth, kitchen towel, funny kitchen, handmade, screen printed, hand drawn, kitchen decor, 100% cotton, made in usa, eco-friendly ink, funny towel, Alexa, do everything for me, silly, family fun, family vacation, technology, amazon, personal assistant, gift shop, cheeky, modern, kitchen store, gourmet, foodie, chores, homeowner, house, cottage, timer, reminder, day planner, diary, schedule,
Unpaper Towels- rolled - Fun Prints - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Switch Bamboo Dish Scrubber earth friendly dish washing plant derived sisal bristles, compostable
Bamboo Pots & Pans Scrapers to scrape surfaces like windshields, remove dried candle wax, shimmy a chair, or round up loose dirt on a potting bench, pot cleaner
Bamboo Spork reusable utensil is hand-shaped, certified organic bamboo, travel, eating on-the-go, Hand-burnished, Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial
Walnut Scouring Pad 4 ct - Eco Evolution
Unpaper® Towels - Folded - 6 pack - Eco Evolution
4 in stock
Bamboo Chopsticks- Set of 2 - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set Fork, Knife, Spoon, Chopsticks, Straw, Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner, Organic Cotton Travel Pouch, Moso Bamboo. Naturally antibacterial and compostable
Eco Evolution Gift Card - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Pot Scrubber with coarse, plant-derived Sisal Bristles, kitchen, cleaning brush, eco friendly and compostable
Tru Earth, Beeswax food wrap, all natural, reusable, eco-friendly, plastic-free, sustainable
4 in stock
Z Wraps - 3 pack small, medium, large, eco-friendly food storage, beeswax food wrap, compostable
Sandwich Wrap in Honeycomb Print natural organic cotton beeswax sustainable alternative food storage bread loaf, eco-friendly kitchen storing, washable, biodegradable
3 in stock
All natural Smoky Margarita Cocktail Pack
Pasta straws
Recycled Trash Bags - Public Goods - Eco Evolution
Bamboo Switch Bamboo Drinkware Cleaning Brush Rounded Coconut Fiber Bristles, earth friendly, compostable natural cleaning
Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags 2 Pack, sustainable shopping bag, supermarket bag, Farmers Market
Tea Straws For Loose Tea Stainless Steel Eco Friendly Reusable
Organic Bamboo Straws & Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner 10 count with Organic linen travel bag, mold resistant, non toxic, compostable natural product
Welly Insulated Water Bottle, bamboo, reusable, infuser, premium, black
2 in stock
Reusable Snack Bags
Multi Purpose Scrubby - Eco Evolution
Z Wraps - Medium, compostable, eco-friendly, food wrap, food storage
1 in stock
Bamboo Round Handled Brush with Plant Derived Sisal Bristles is ergonomically shaped to reach corners, bathtub, compostable by Bamboo Switch
Organic Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bags - Eco Evolution
Craft Cocktail Infuser - 16oz - Eco Evolution
2 in stock
Bamboo Travel Cutlery alternative utencils, bamboo straw, straw cleaner, chopsticks, knife, fork and spoon, canvas carrying case, camping, picnics, Eco friendly, lightweight
2 in stock
Ghost Bags 100% Compostable & Biodegradable Garbage Bags - Eco Evolution
Organic Cotton Produce Bags, organic cotton, reusable, eco-friendly, mesh
2 in stock
192 results