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The Green Room Cafe

Come visit the most sustainable cafe created in Connecticut.  By using upcycled materials in our construction to solar roasted coffee to organic teas, we promise to not comprise quality while honoring the environment.   Enjoy organic local milk from the Hudson valley, locally baked desserts, locally made Kombucha and amazing vibes.  We strive to serve you in a mug to stay but if you are in a rush and need to go, it will always be served in compostable cups.  We never charge for our alternative milks (Coconut, Oat, Hemp, Almond) and we charge .25 cents for Organic Whole Milk (which gets delivered to us in glass jars and the empty jars go back to be reused).  We have a weekly compost collection where most of our waste.  We collect less than a trash bag of garbage each day. And our coffee grinds go to a local farm where it is composted!


Proudly serving:

Sound Coffee (Fairfield) 

Arogya Tea (Westport) 

East Coast Kombucha (South Norwalk) 

Strigo Cold Brew (South Norwalk) 

Cloudy Lane Bakery (South Norwalk)

Butter and Cream (Stratford) 

Wave Hill Bread (South Norwalk)

The Green Room Cafe